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The Introduction of Diaphragm Coupling

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The diaphragm coupling is a bit like a bellows coupling. In fact, the way that the coupling delivers torque is the same with that of the bellows coupling. The diaphragm coupling does not require lubrication or rotating clearance, which has compact structure, high intensity and long service life. Moreover, the diaphragm coupling will not be influenced by temperature and oil pollution. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and is suitable for shaft transmission of high temperature, high speed or a corrosive medium of working condition environment.


In appearance, the film between the two half couplings of diaphragm coupling is stainless steel. The diaphragm is very thin. Therefore it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated. So it can withstand a deviation of up to 1.5 degree and produce a lower bearing load in the servo system. Compared with the drum gear coupling, the diaphragm coupling has no relative sliding, no lubrication, no sealing, no noise or no maintenance. It is very convenient to produce diaphragm couplings and can partially replace of the gear coupling. Diaphragm coupling has been very popular in the international industry in developed countries, has been to develop machinery industry standard in our country, has revised the new industry standard: JB/T9147-1999 (instead of ZB/TJ19022-90) the coupling relationship between the torque.


In terms of performance, it is very easy for diaphragm coupling is easy to achieve balance without lubrication. The diaphragm coupling has strong adaptability to the environment, which has simple structure and can be installed easily. The diaphragm coupling can operate reliably without noise, which also has a certain compensation performance and buffer performance. It is mainly used for medium and high speed transmission shaft with balanced load, torque is 25 ~ 160000 N. m, shaft hole range is 14-320, the highest revolutions of is 6000 ~ 710 r/min, the axial permissible error is 1 ~ 2 mm, angular allowed error is 1.5 ~ 0.5.


Diaphragm coupling relays on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the connection of two shafts relative displacement. It is a kind of flexible cardan shaft components elastic made of high performance metal. The diaphragm coupling is often used in servo system and the diaphragm has good torque rigidity which is less than that of the bellows coupling. The diaphragm coupling is very delicate and can be easily damaged if misused or improperly installed in use. The diaphragm coupling is fast and easy to be included. So it is necessary to ensure that the deviation is within the range of normal operation of the coupling. Selecting a suitable coupling is a key step in using a good coupling and it is important to consider what type of coupling to choose during the design phase.


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