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Introduction to Drum Gear Coupling

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The drum gear coupling belongs to the rigid flexible coupling, which has the ability to compensate axial deviation in radial, axial and angular directions. Compared with CL type straight-tooth coupling, it has the advantages of compact structure, small rotating radius, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, low noise and long maintenance cycle.


Equipment features:

Features of the drum gear coupling (as compared with straight tooth coupling): 

1. Strong bearing capacity. Under the same outer diameter of the inner gear sleeve and the maximum outer diameter of the coupling, the carrying capacity of the drum gear coupling is improved by 15-20% on average compared with that of straight gear coupling. 

2. The compensation of angular displacement is large. When the radial displacement is equal to zero, the allowable angular displacement of the straight-tooth coupling is 1º. The allowable angular displacement of the drum gear coupling is 1 ~ ordm.30', up 50%. Under the same modulus, tooth number and tooth width, the angle displacement of drum teeth is larger than that of straight teeth. 

3. The cylindrical tooth surface improves the contact conditions of the inner and outer teeth, avoiding the disadvantages of edge extrusion and stress concentration of the end edge of straight teeth under the condition of angular displacement. At the same time, the friction and wear of tooth surface are improved, and the noise is reduced. 

4. The end of the outer tooth is shaped like a horn, which makes the mounting and dismounting of inner and outer teeth very convenient.

5. Transmission efficiency is up to 99.7%. Based on the above characteristics, drum teeth have been widely used to replace straight teeth coupling at home and abroad. The drum gear coupling manufactured by Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., LTD has complete specifications and conforms to the corresponding standards. The drum gear coupling is rigid, flexible and inelastic, so it is not suitable for machines requiring vibration reduction, buffering and strict requirements of the two shafts.


Digital functions:

Digital functions: The drum gear coupling is able to compensate the load change of the adaptive, self-tuning technology, In particular, distributed high-end drum gear coupling with communication, networking functions and integrated PLC; On the other hand, the simple or industry-specific drum gear coupling and the electromechanical integration and miniaturization of the drum gear coupling. Drum gear coupling is the key equipment to save energy. According to the statistics of network media, at present, the motor with variable load and energy saving potential is at least 180 million kw, which provides a huge market for the application of drum gear coupling. The application of the drum gear coupling has been expanded from common fans and pumps to food, beverage, logistics, buildings, etc, and constantly open up new energy saving fields. Its functions have also been improved and diversified. On the one hand, it is all digital with complete functions. In addition, due to the emergence of new high-voltage power electronic devices, the high-voltage and medium-pressure drum gear coupling has also made great progress.


Common fault

1. The center deviation of drum gear coupling is too large and the relative displacement of tooth surface is large;

2. Poor material, low tooth surface hardness;

3. Insufficient lubrication or dry grinding;

4. Oil is not clean;

5. The design of the tooth profile of the drum gear coupling is not reasonable, and the tooth crown interferes or the machining accuracy is not high;

6. The top clearance of teeth disappears due to overfilling;

7. Poor oil, containing acid or sulfide, etc.



1. First correct the center;

2. Select the appropriate material and the hardness of the tooth surface. After treatment, the HRC is around 50-60;

3. The part where the lubricating oil pipe is aligned;

4. Filter oil so that the maximum particle size of oil containing impurities is less than 25um;

5. Select good drum teeth;

6. Install various drum gear coupling as required, check the radial clearance of inner and outer teeth;

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