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Requirements of Bolts of the Universal Coupling And Height Limitation of External Teeth

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The universal joint cardan shaft uses high-strength bolts and self-locking nuts to connect the flanges at both ends to other mechanical members. The torque is transmitted through the flange end keys and the friction between the flanges.

universal joint coupling


The bolt can only be put into the flange side matching the coupling, and the nut is tightened by the flange side of the universal joint propeller shaft. The mechanical performance of the bolt conforms to the class 10.9 of GB3098.1, and the mechanical performance of the nut should conform to the class 10 provisions of GB3098.4, so that the coupling can be well connected.


The height of the inner gear ring of the coupling cannot be changed arbitrarily, mainly because of the travel limitation of the gear shaper. If the height of the inner gear ring is too high, the machine will not run normally, and the gear shaper can be processed in the larger gear shaper. This affects efficiency and increases cost. The inner gear ring height of the coupling shall not be higher than 80, and it is only limited to the gear coupling below the outer diameter of 300. The inner gear ring with an outer diameter of 300 or more will be equipped with a pressure cover, which can be removed first and processed by linear cutting instead of the operation of the gear shaper.

cardan shaft


Universal joint coupling is used to connect two shafts of different mechanisms (the driving and driven shafts) and to rotate together to transfer torque to the mechanical parts. In the high speed and heavy load power transmission, some cardan joints also have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of shafting. The cardan shaft consists of two parts, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft. The general power machine is usually connected with the working machine by means of a transmission shaft.

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