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What You Don’t Know About Universal Joint Coupling(3)

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Today, Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., Ltd. wants to tell you about the relationship between the performance and material of the universal joint coupling. Let's take a look.


As we all know, the universal joint coupling has many materials, mainly cast steel, cast iron, forged steel, aluminum alloy, etc. It can be said that the good and bad materials largely determine the performance and service life of the universal cardan shaft.


Generally speaking, cast steel has higher mechanical properties than cast iron, while cast iron has higher casting properties than cast steel. In order to prevent defects such as undercasting, cold insulation, shrinkage cavity and porosity, crack and sand, more complex process than cast iron must be adopted; Due to the poor fluidity of molten steel, the thickness of cast steel cannot be less than 8mm to prevent cold insulation and insufficient pouring; The structural force of the casting system is required to be simple and the section size is larger than that of cast iron; Dry cast; Properly increasing pouring temperature, average of 1520 ° ~ 1600 ℃, because of the high pouring temperature, liquid steel superheat, keep long liquid, liquid can be improved. However, excessive casting temperature can cause defects such as coarse grains, hot cracks, pores and clay. So generally small, thin wall and complex shape casting, the pouring temperature is about steel melting point temperature of + 150 ℃; The pouring temperature of large, thick wall castings is about 100 ℃ higher than the melting point. Moreover, due to the shrinkage of casting steel more than iron, in order to prevent casting shrinkage cavity, shrinkage, porosity and crack defects, should make its uniform thickness, avoid sharp corners and rectangular structure, sawdust are added into the mould with sand, add coke to the core, and the hollow core and sand core and so on to improve the sand mold or core of breathable and back down. Because the melting point of cast steel is high, the molten steel is easy to oxidize, the fluidity of molten steel is poor, shrinkage is big, its body shrinkage is 10 ~ 14%, linear shrinkage is 1.8 ~ 2.5%.


Through the differences between cast and forged steel listed above, we can see that the difference of materials indeed determines the difference of performance and service life of universal coupling after forming.


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