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What You Don't Know About Universal Joint Coupling (2)

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Before, Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD. told you about the height requirements of the teeth ring in the universal joint coupling. You are certainly not satisfied with this knowledge, today we continue to learn about the universal joint coupling you do not know the factors. 

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For example, in the process of using the paper feeder, some customers may encounter the problem that the universal cardan shaft pin of the paper feeder is broken. So what causes this phenomenon? Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD. analyzes this point to you today.

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The reasons leading to the fracture of the shaft pin of the cardan shaft coupling of the paper conveyer may be as follows:


(1) The level of paper conveyer is not accurate. The horizontal change of the paper transport machine will increase the driving load of the paper transport machine, resulting in the fracture of the universal coupling shaft pin.

(2) The gap of paper transmission bevel gear is too small. The gap is too small. Although it can maintain the balance of paper feeding, it will increase the resistance of the transmission mechanism, increase the load of the paper feeding machine, and easily cause the bevel gear to expand in the process of motion. When the paper load increases to a certain extent, it is easy to cause the industrial cardan shaft pin to break.

(3) The brake lock is too tight. When the load exceeds the load which the universal coupling can bear, the universal cardan shaft pin will break.

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