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What you don't know about universal joint coupling

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Today, Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD. tells you about the height requirements of the universal cardan shaft:


Due to the travel limitation of the gear shaper, the height of the gear ring in the coupling is required and cannot be changed at will. If the height of the inner gear ring is too high, the machine will not be able to work. If the larger gear shaper is changed at this time for processing, it will not only affect the work efficiency, but also increase the cost.


The gear coupling is transmitted by the matching of the inner and outer teeth. The height of the inner and outer teeth depends on the torque force transferred by the coupling. Therefore, when designing the coupling, designers should try their best to design the maximum of the inner and outer teeth of the coupling to ensure its service life. The height of the inner gear ring will affect the expansion amount of the coupling. Therefore, the height of the inner teeth will be thickened and raised by the designer. In this way, the height of the inner teeth will be higher on one side, lower on the other and unchanged on the outer teeth.


The large torque drum gear coupling has good impact bearing performance, but the contact stress of the tooth surface and the fatigue strength of the tooth root are high. If special structure, special material and special technology are adopted, the coupling can meet the requirements of the large diameter pipe rolling machine.


Universal joint coupling has the characteristics of complicated structure, it's also sample at the same time. Do you want to know more about universal joint coupling? Contact us, we will try our best to handle your problems.

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