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Lubrication of drum - tooth universal coupling

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Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD as a manufacturer of industrial cardan shaft, has been serving customers with high quality, high cost performance and short delivery cycle. The drum gear coupling produced by our company has been well received by both new and old customers. Then how to operate the drum gear universal coupling reasonably and how to get sufficient lubrication in the operation process?

Good lubrication is not only a necessary guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the drum gear universal coupling, but also an important way to slow down the wear and improve the service life of the coupling. Under the condition that the bending strength of tooth root and contact strength of tooth surface are sufficient, the tooth width should be determined by a large degree of coincidence. Should not blindly increase tooth width to avoid unnecessary increase in structure size. The tooth width coefficient affects the tooth root bending strength and contact strength of tooth surface. The larger the tooth width coefficient, the greater the strength of these two terms. Generally, the tooth width coefficient is 8-14. The minimum tooth width should be determined by the allowable root stress and the required width of the point of impact caused by the dip between the axes along the tooth width displacement. The tooth width coefficient affects the coincidence degree. When the tooth width coefficient is less than a certain range, the increase of the value has a greater impact on the increase of the coincidence degree. When the value is larger than this certain value, the effect of the increase of device value on the increase of coincidence degree becomes smaller. For the drum gear coupling of arc drum curve, the tooth width is still the parameter to determine the drum circle radius and side gap. The larger the tooth width, the larger the drum circle radius, and the larger the desired side gap. Therefore, two requirements are required: (1) When the dip Angle between the shafts is at its maximum, there is no edge contact line. (2) The smaller the load, the better, and the tooth surface curvature is proportional to the drum circle, so the radius of the drum circle is as large as possible. The curvature radius of the drum curve is directly proportional to the one side thinning of the inner tooth, that is, it is related to the meshing gap of the tooth. Insufficient thinning may cause interference, too much thining will weaken the strength of the tooth and cause a large lateral gap.

The high speed drum gear universal coupling is usually lubricated with lubricant. The tooth surface requires continuous lubrication, and the lubricating oil should be discharged unobstructed, otherwise the tooth surface temperature will rise and water and dirt will be accumulated. The lubricating oil shall be filtered by the high-precision filter, with the filtration degree less than 10 microns. Some important high-speed drum gear coupling can also adopt the structure of oil gathering groove, that is, oil gathering groove is processed inside the external gear shaft hole, and oil hole connected to the gathering groove is drilled at the bottom of the external gear tooth groove. By means of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed operation of the drum gear coupling, the oil is sprayed into the meshing area of the inner and outer teeth to fully lubricate them.

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