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What Are Main Features Of Cross Shaft Universal Coupling

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As anyone who knows something about the cross shaft universal coupling knows that it has a lot of features. Today Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd wants to tell you about some of the main features.

cross shaft universal coupling


1. Cross shaft cardan shaft has the larger angle compensation ability.

2. The structure of transmission shaft is compact and reasonable. SWC-BH type universal cardan joint adopts integrated fork to make the delivery more reliable.

3. Cross shaft propeller shaft has large carrying capacity. Compared with other types of couplings with the same rotary diameter, the torque transferred is greater. This point for the rotary diameter of limited mechanical equipment, its supporting range is more advantageous.

4. High transmission efficiency. Its transmission efficiency is 98-99.8%, which is used for high power transmission and has obvious energy saving effect.

5. Carry steady, low noise, easy to assemble and disassemble and maintain.


cross shaft universal coupling

Calculation torque of universal coupling: Tc=TKnKhK Ka≤Tn(N·m)

When alternating load: Tc≤Tf (N·m)

Where, Tn——the nominal torque of the universal coupling, N·m, (It is the theoretical calculation value under the given condition, namely the coupling speed, n≈10r/min. Bearing life  Ln=5000h, axis angle = 3°( The value at which the load is stationary).


For a universal coupling with high rotating speed, large folding Angle, or its length exceeding the specified length, its rotational flexibility must be checked in addition to the above calculation, The rotational flexibility is expressed in terms of n, Under normal circumstances: n>18000.


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