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Best Cardan Shaft We Used

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Today, I would like to recommend cardan drive shafts of Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd. Their cardan shafts are the best we have ever used.


As a mine worker, we have been buying universal joint shafts for mine equipment transmissions for more than a decade, and we have to purchase drive shafts for heavy equipment vehicles such as mine trucks. Due to the harsh working environment, we have been working in high temperature and high humidity for a long time, so we pay great attention to the quality of cardan drive shaft when we purchase shaft products. If the quality of cardan shaft is not good, it will cause oxidation and decay when working in high temperature and high humidity for a long time, which will seriously shorten the service life of cardan shaft.


We have been buying the shafts of Germany and Japan before, because they produce shafts with excellent quality. What’s more, material selection, processing, production, anti-corrosion paint treatment, high temperature treatment, factory quality inspection, and exquisite packaging for long-distance freight transportation, every step is very good.


As a perennial cardan shaft purchaser, in addition to value quality, we are also very concerned about the cost of cardan shafts, post-maintenance and other issues. Unintentionally we discovered Chinese cardan shaft websites. We have tried to work with several Chinese manufacturers and the results are not satisfactory. Until a few years ago, we met Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd. Their raw materials are made of international standard raw materials, each step has been recorded, and they have a professional spray booth. Their cardan shafts are resistant to high temperatures and anti-corrosive paints can meet international standards. All the transmission shafts must undergo three quality inspections to confirm the quality of propeller shaft before shipment. The packaging is packaged in shockproof film and packed in cartons or wood according to weight and type. This packaging method is to get the top quality cardan drive shaft.


Their after-sale services are also very in place, salesman is basically on call, any problem we can communicate via email, WeChat, WhatsApp. Their salesman will communicate with us every detail of cardan shaft, including size of the flange, diameter of the hole, number of holes, size of cross shaft, type of the connected device, power output of the device, torque of cardan shaft, length, stretch length, working environment of transmission shaft, etc. They also consult working environment of transmission shafts, and even let us take a video of working environment  of transmission shaft connection to ensure that cardan shaft can be installed. Any questions about the cardan shaft, the salesman patiently teach us, and they create a file for us. As long as we need the cardan drive shaft, they will ship at fastest speed and attach a PDF explanation manual.


After working with Sitong, we find that their cardan shafts are of very good quality, no worse than cardan shafts of Germany and Japan. At the same time, their price is favorable and service is good. Sometimes we send information without paying attention to time difference, their salesman still reply quickly. Now we have reached a long-term cooperative relationship with Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd. Because regardless of quality, price or after-sale service, Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd is better than other companies'. There is no doubt that we will cooperate with them for a long time.

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