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The Morning Meeting of ST Cardan Shaft Factory

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Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,Ltd is going to introduce the automatic equipment with million worth, which will save time, labor and efficiency in production. We have thought and planned for half a year. As a result, we decide to adjust the equipment according to our cardan shaft production needs. So that our equipment can play the most important role in the production process. There is a precedent of Dongxing Lock Factory which alerts us that we should conduct fully research before purchasing equipment. Dongxing Lock Factory has imported equipment with high price from abroad, but they have not put the equipment into use.


Why is this happening? That’s because they have not conducted any research on the equipment. The equipment they have purchased is only applicable to foreign products but cannot be used to produce products of our country. A lack of adequate learning and preparation led their company to buy the wrong equipment and spend much time, energy and money, which was a huge loss. After half a year's preparation and sufficient purchase preparation, we make the decision to buy the equipment finally. And our equipment will definitely play its role and drive the company's benefits.


The equipment of our company needs to be maintained. Just like ourselves, we will get sick if we don't take care of ourselves. And then we can't work and the production efficiency will decrease. The equipment is the same. If the maintenance is not carried out, it will affect the efficiency of the equipment and thus the output. So we need to wipe it regularly, refuel it, and do the necessary maintenance. For example, after using the welding machine, you must open it for another 5 minutes for internal heat dissipation, otherwise the welding machine will burn out due to the high temperature.


The benefits of the company are important, but the safety of our employees is more important. We must check the power supply and equipment switch of the company before leaving work every day, in case of any safety hazard. If any safety hazards are found, they must be promptly reported. For example, if the navigation car failures, it should be reflected in time. And if the wiring board is not good, it should be replaced in time too.


As the cardan drive shafts of our company are of high quality, the company has better benefits and more orders, which will often lead to inevitable overtime. If you want to get something, you have to pay something. We hope you can get the happiness of the salary increase while complaining about the hard work.


In the new day, I hope you are still full of vitality, energy and hope! Thank you!

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