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Newly Introduced Exclusive Automatic Welding Machine

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Over the past twenty years, with the development of digitization, automation, computer technology, mechanical design technology, and the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of products, more attention has been paid to welding quality and aesthetics. Especially after the financial crisis of 2008, with the increase of labor cost in China, as well as the attention to the health of workers and the requirement to improve production efficiency, more and more automatic welding machines have been used in welding production in modern industrial production.


Automatic welding special equipment is a special welding automation equipment designed for specific workpiece and welding joint of certain shape. It can realize the rotation or movement of motor, pneumatic actuator and hydraulic actuator through electric control, pneumatic control and hydraulic control technology, it can still realize the relative motion of workpiece welding seam and welding gun, so as to finish the welding work of welding joint automatically.


Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co,.Ltdpurchases CXH-IV straightening, welding automatic welding machine after half a year's preparation. Our automatic welding machine has introduced foreign technology and combined with the characteristics of Chinese products. It is our exclusive automatic welding machine. It can not only meet the intelligence of equipment, but also apply to our cardan shafts.


CXH-IV straightening and welding automatic welding machine is composed of special machine tool for welding, power supply for nbc-500 welder, tada converter, PLC industrial microprocessor and rotary encoder. Mechanical parts of the welding machine mainly include door, machine tool bed, beams, headstock, tailstock, intermediate feeding device, slip board institution, wire feeding mechanism, three-dimensional adjusting mechanism and welding torch parts.


The automatic welding special equipment realizes automatic control of welding process through PLC control. PLC can realize programming control because it takes account of the function of relay. With the development of technology and the emergence of new products, PLC can realize more complex functions, such as partial numerical control functions, such as arc interpolation, etc. Therefore, PLC control technology has been widely used in automatic welding machine. The workpiece loading and unloading is manually operated. The three welding guns can be welded at the same time or welded alone. Memory welding is realized during automatic welding.


In PLC programming, the welding memory program is written to ensure that the remaining parts of welding can be remembered after stopping at any position and starting again. It can also erase memories and re-weld the whole week.


Advantages of the automatic welding special equipment: the special machine can be used to weld the transmission shaft, which can minimize error accumulation during processing, reduce radial pulse, and improve dynamic balance performance and production efficiency. The torch of automatic welding special equipment is also equipped with a welding torch with three-dimensional adjusting device, which is convenient to adjust welding position and angle and can reduce labor intensity, improve high production efficiency, ensure beautiful welding.It is relatively advanced welding equipment in auto parts manufacturing.


The automatic welding special equipment can reduce our artificial, time and economic cost, also can reduce the artificial error, greatly improve work efficiency, also ensures the quality of our industrial cardan drive shafts.


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