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Visit to German Steel Mill

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Jiangsu Sitong is a professional industrial Cardan Shaft Factory, specialized in the cardan drive shaft production for more than 30 years. Our company pays special attention to the quality of our products. The quality of the drive shaft is the advertisement our company. Therefore, many of our customers are old customers, many of whom are new customers introduced by old customers. From the source of customers can also reflect the quality of our products is so reliable!


We are specialized in manufacturing industrial transmission shafts such as steel mills, power plants, cement plants and high-end Mercedes-Benz automotive transmission shafts.


Recently, our boss was invited to visit German steel mills. The steel plant purchased the transmission shaft from our company, and our boss was invited to visit the use effect of the cardan drive shaft. Below is a photo of our boss and the company's propeller shaft.

The one in white shirt is our boss, and the large yellow drive shaft on his head is our company's cardan shaft product. From our boss's smile and the picture effect, it is not hard to see that the trial result is very good and both the buyer and the seller are satisfied. However, customer's satisfaction is not our ultimate goal, our ultimate goal is the customer's permanent satisfaction! As a result of this pleasant cooperation, the steel plant has handed over to us the following requirements for the universal joint shafts. Our company is preparing to develop new cardan drive shafts according to the drawings provided by the company.


What makes our company trade success over and over again?


The first is quality.

This is the most important issue for buyers and the most important factor for our company. So far, our company has not had any quality problems. Because we will do quality inspection before, during and after the production of the transmission shafts. The most typical quality testings are manual measurement and dynamic balance testing.


Manual measurement.

The inspectors measure the length of the cardan shaft, the size of the flange, the number of holes on the flange and its diameter according to the drawing.


Dynamic balance testing.

According to the customer's product r/min and accuracy level parameters do the dynamic balance test, if any problems with the test, we will add the balance block at both end of the product, and then continue to dynamic balance test to know the results of the test to meet the min and precision level parameters.


The next is service.

Like the drawings. Our company can issue the drawings according to the data provided by the customer or the specific requirements. Before the final draft, we can modify the drawings according to the specific requirements of the customer.


Then there's the after-sales service.

If you buy our cardan drive shaft, we will provide the following services:

1. For domestic customers, when we receive customer complaints, we will send technicians to the spot, analysis the cause, and help solve the problem.

2. For customers abroad, we will ask them to send photos and videos of the problem product, our technicians will analysis the cause, and give the solve guidance to customers.

3. General speaking, there is no quality problem of our products, we produce strictly according to the detailed drawing. The problem is always caused by wrong maintenance. Please note to add grease for the spline and cross cardan frequently. Usually once a month, for cars, once per 15 days.


Our company's cardan shafts and services have been recognized by our customers. The customers recognition is the biggest affirmation to our company and the biggest motivation for our staffs to move forward.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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