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How to Purchase Cardan Shaft

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We have been working with Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft CO., Ltd for many years, and the quality of universal joint shaft they manufacture is very good.


So how to buy top quality cardan shafts?


Our rolling mill factory has a high working temperature, so the primary factor we choose for the drive shaft is the high temperature resistance. The raw materials of Sitong are all up to international standards and each shaft has been heat treated. High temperatures also mean moisture, so anti-corrosion and anti-rust are also very important, they also do very well in this regard. Sitong has professional paint booth, and cardan shaft anti-corrosion paint is up to international standards.


One of the most important things to buy high quality universal joint shafts is the cross shaft. The quality of cross shaft represents quality of entire cardan shaft. The service time of cardan shaft is often determined by quality of the cross shaft. Lubricating oil on the cross shaft is also very important. They use international standard high temperature lubricants. Of course, we have regular maintenance after purchase, and they teach us how to maintain these devices.


The purchase of cardan shafts also takes into account actual installation environment, such as the difference between two devices. Then we need to set the swing angle of the cardan shaft. The swing angle of ST universal joint shafts can be 15 degrees, and 15 degrees can meet requirements of most equipments.


Usually, good cardan shaft can save a lot of unnecessary power loss, which is deeply felt. The drive shaft we bought before can't keep up with the speed of the machine even though it has not reached the exhaust torque. As a result, a lot of power is wasted, and the loss of our machine is also very large. I think this problem has been encountered by many companies. The only solution is to replace the manufacturer.


At the same time, excellent after-sale service is also an important part of purchase. The Sitong salesmen are really very professional. They can respond quickly to any questions we ask and answer our doubts in the first time. The salesman strictly confirm size of cross shaft,size of flange, size of hole, length of whole cardan shaft, length of shaft, degree of shaft tension, angle of swing angle and diameter of cardan shaft. This kind of work attitude has been affirmed by us.


I believe that our factory will always cooperate with Sitong, because they are very good.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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