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Annual Meeting Of Sitong

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The old year is about to pass, and the new year is near. After a year of work, we are about to usher in annual leave. Before the annual leave, Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co., Ltd has prepared an annual meeting for everyone, eating, drinking and having fun.


Today, our company's annual meeting is on schedule, and all employees, employees' families, leaders, customers, etc. are gathered together. In 2018, we are a big family of Sitong, fighting hard together. We listen to the summary of work of each department and look forward to company's future development. We spend an unforgettable afternoon in the joy of joy.


At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Zhang makes an inspiring mobilization and affirm our work in 2018, which greatly inspires everyone's morale. Thanks to all suppliers and customers for their trust and support; thanks to the support of our family members, and to the hard work of each employee... In a warm atmosphere, we launched a variety of cultural performances. There are songs, dances, and dramas with Chinese characteristics. All the staff participated actively and the whole atmosphere is warm and jubilant. Our foreign trade department is performing a string of songs, and the effect is good, which can drive the atmosphere of the entire venue. Chinese songs, foreign songs, folk dances, and ballroom dances, etc. which greatly reflects the versatile side of our company's employees. They not only do a good job but also do not hesitate in other aspects. Different styles of programs reflect our different styles, but one thing is common: for the company's bright future, we go all out and work hard.


Annual meeting strengthens construction of corporate culture, improves the cohesiveness and centripetal force of all employees, and reflects the strong will of employees, the spirit of hard work and enterprising, and reflects good spirit of cooperation among colleagues.


Looking forward to the Year of the Pig, all of our employees will cheer for the company's bright future! We also look forward to the next time we can invite our overseas customers to have a good time with us. taste Chinese food, enjoy beauty of China, and listen to Chinese drama.


Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co., Ltd wishes everyone a happy new year and good luck!


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