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Custom Industrial Cardan Shaft

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Length customization diversification:

The length of the industrial transmission shaft varies due to the different structure of various devices. Accountants of industrial drive shaft can be very upset sometimes. If the installation distance is too short, the industrial crossed drive shaft may not be made; If the installation distance is too long, the concentricity and transmission efficiency of the whole drive shaft will be influenced.

Technical advantages:

We have developed short type industrial transmission shaft according to customer's demand, which can bear the power transmission under extremely limited installation space. We have developed short type industrial transmission shaft according to customer's demand, which can bear the power transmission under extremely limited installation space.


2. The industrial cardan shaft is customized according to the spline type and expansion length


The spline can be divided into two types: type A - rectangular spline, type B - involute spline. Both spline types A and B can be customized according to the expansion length respectively.


3. The industrial cardan shaft is customized according to the form of flange connection


A) Pure bolted hole joint flange

High strength bolts and self-locking nuts are used to connect the two end flanges and transfer torque by the friction of the flanges. This kind of flange design is suitable for steel industrial drive shaft with low torque and high speed.The flange design of light industrial propeller shaft is in the form of pure flange.


B) Cross section key joint flange

Under the joint action of section key and high strength bolt, the joint performance of both ends flanges is improved, and the transmission efficiency of industrial crossed drive shaft torque is also increased. It is generally suitable for equipment with medium impact load. The flange design of medium industrial cardan drive shaft is in the form of end face key.


C) Toothed joint flange

The transfer torque is achieved by using the uniform and concave teeth of the flange. Flanged joint has good stability and long service life. It is suitable for equipment with heavy impact load and high frequency of positive and negative rotation.


D) End tooth joint flange

It use multiple uniform 40 ° angle of tooth profile to realize the flange with half coupling flange connection. Flange connection is self - defined and easy to install. This kind of flange is often used in the design of heavy duty industrial cardan shaft.


4. The customized built-in spring industrial cardan shaft

What are the benefits of this design process?

As long as both ends of the industrial crossed drive shaft are installed, the industrial transmission shaft can run, but the problem is that the active end connection of the industrial universal joint coupling is tightly matched and not easy to loose, while the passive end connection is usually loose and easy to loosen after operation, so that the industrial crossed drive shaft torque efficiency is reduced. Add the built-in spring industrial cardan drive shaft, so that the combined complement does not shrink back in the working state. Keep the length of the fit constant, increase the stability of the transmission.


5. Customized industrial cardan shaft with protective sleeve


Add protective cover to telescopic mechanism, the service life of spline will be longer. The spline shaft is equipped with protective sleeve, so that the dust and water from the external environment cannot enter the spline when the spline moves relative to the spline, so that the service life of spline pair is longer. It is especially suitable for places with limited lubrication conditions and harsh operating environment


6. OEM custom

We can customize industrial cardan drive shaft according to customers' requirements. Quality guaranteed.


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