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The Morning Meeting of SITONG Cardan Drive Shaft Factory

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To ensure the healthy development of cardan drive shaft factory, SITONG held the morning meeting again.


The main themes of the meeting are:


1. Group assembly to improve production efficiency

At present, workers of Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,Ltd have been divided into two teams. As a member of the team, we should coordinate closely within the team and cooperate with each other between the team and the team, so as to achieve the highest production efficiency and achieve the production target of drive shaft with quality and quantity guaranteed.


The worker before the process should prepare the work content of the next day after the end of the job, so that the follow-up personnel can connect the work more quickly.Make full use of time to make production more efficient. Don’t waste time. One person wastes 10 minutes, and a team is an hour. The wasted time can even complete a new cardan drive shaft.


The team members should actively cooperate with the group leader, obey the group leader's command, and complete the drive shaft of corresponding output every day


2. Observe labor discipline

As a country has its state laws, a factory also needs factory rules, punctuality is our staff must abide by. It is only a means to clock in at work, and it still depends on the consciousness of every employee to get to work on time. The company doesn't require you to work extra hours, but you have to finish your work within a set period of time and make the best use of every minute to justify your salary. It is commendable that the staff responsible for the assembly of the propeller drive shaft still keep working during the meal time. This meticulous work spirit is expected to be learned from them.


3. Security-related issues

The team leaders of our two teams are very conscientious and responsible. They fight until the last minute every day and help everyone check the equipment before leaving.


When you go to dinner, you should turn off the electric fan in the work room to save power resources and avoid potential power hazards.


It is very hot these days. If you feel unwell, please go to the office to have a rest. Working hard is important for us, but having a healthy body is more important.


SITONG cardan drive shaft factory has prepared frozen salt soda for everyone to replenish energy and eliminate the heat.


4. Overtime work

As the transmission shaft of our factory is prominent in all aspects of the same industry, our production task is relatively tight, the order quantity of cardan drive shaft is large, and the work task is heavy. Besides, many customers are still pressing for orders, we still need to step up production.


Have a good day.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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