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The Morning Meeting of Our Cardan Shaft Factory

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In order to better guarantee product quality, better service for customers, we have another morning meeting this week.


1. About the quality of our cardan shaft

After studying several cases last week, our company can further control product quality.For example, in order to strengthen the communication among office staffs and to put the product details in place, we set up a quality communication group of 5 people. But we cannot just make the surface, we must put it into practice. From the time of receiving orders, our team should record the customer's requirements in detail, and then transmit them to the technical department, production department and finally to the production department. If there is any doubt in production, it should be put forward in time to avoid production error and rework. Therefore, our departments should not only perform their own duties, be responsible for the work on their own positions, but also communicate with each other and convey in place.


2. Productive task

The main task of this month is the list of wuxi customers. The office staffs need sort out the orders as required, and then send the tasks to the workshop and start production.


3. About overtime work

Due to the heavy workload of the order, I have to work overtime on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


In order to better guarantee the quality, I put forward my personal suggestions: We can prepare a notebook for each machine. The workers who use the machine must keep track of the hours of work, the content of the work and sign their names.In addition, each worker is provided with a notepad to record the work completed on the day, the time period of work and the object products. If you find something wrong with the product, you can look for the wrong object directly in the notebook.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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