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Visiting from Brazil

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He is our target customer. The transmission shafts produced by our factory exactly meet his needs, so we found him. In order to show our sincerity of cooperation and show our products more truly, we have invited our Brazilian customers to visit our factory today.


Because the customer is right in China, this is a great opportunity for the customer to see our factory in person, to see our workers' working conditions in person, and to see more closely whether our products meet his standards.We're pretty confident about our own cardan shafts, so look at them without fear of zero distances.


Early in the morning, our salesman left from jingjiang, rushed to pick up customers before lunch. Firstly we introduce customers to taste jingjiang local food. As we all know, Brazilians are quite romantic, so we should have a good mood before talking about business. Then good food can give people a better mood.

After lunch, it's time to get to the point. Three of us led the customer to DongXing factory and started our drive shaft tour. The first is a basic introduction to the company, including development history, company owners and past customers. And then there's an exchange of information, and the customer gives us information about their company. It's worth mentioning that the PPT the client showed us was excellent.

After getting to know each other, we showed our customers around our workshop. He was introduced to a series of processes from raw materials to finished products. The client expressed interest and took photos and video.

Among them, customers were most interested in:

1. Raw material: type of steel (Comparison between Chinese and international models);

2. Lubricants for products (our company uses mobil oil);

3. Each step of production;

4. Certificate of qualification for measuring equipment;

5. How are the manufactured parts assembled;

6. Spray paint: equipment for measuring spray thickness;

7. Packaging of products (how to prevent the transmission shaft from collision during transportation and how to prevent the transmission shaft from moving in the box);

8. Quality check;

9. Warehouse (whether the warehouse environment suitable for storage cardan shaft);

10. Material analysis of anti-rust oil (whether the anti-rust oil is qualified).


After knowing all the procedures of the factory production, the customer has some heated and friendly discussions with us. It is obvious that he is interested in us and quite satisfied with our transmission shaft. In the near future, he will be our customer. The tour ended with a handshake.

After the factory tour, of course, it was a delicious meal. After a busy day, it's time to treat our stomachs. After dinner, our salesman sent the customer back to his temporary residence in nantong. It's the end of a wonderful and fulfilling day.

But anyway, nice to meet you, friend of Brazil.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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