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The Morning Meeting of Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft

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Propose Rules and Regulations for Product Quality

1. The team leader is responsible for the production organization and personnel arrangement of the shift.

A. They should maintain the normal operation of production,finish the production task on time, quality and quantity to ensure the timely shipment.

B. The team leader should be responsible for preparing and organizing daily production tasks, reasonably allocating human resources of each team and improving production efficiency.

C. Arrange training for new employees and rotation employees.

D. Be responsible for handling the abnormal situation (such as quality, site, production, safety, cost, equipment, etc.), and contact related personnel for coordination and solution when necessary.


2. Carry out process quality control, optimize process arrangement and improve efficiency.

A. Supervise and urge each group to carry out self-inspection of process. Ensure the production quality of products, timely report quality problems, coordinate to solve, prevent the occurrence of quality accidents.

B. Improve the pass rate of primary production.

C. Strictly implement the process standard and implement the process measures.


3. Control the material operation standard management of the shift, strictly control the consumption, reduce the cost.

A. Standardize the material operation in class.

B. Control the cost within the shift and strictly control the waste and abnormal loss.

C. Take inventory at the end of each month as required.

D. After the completion of each batch of products, urge all remaining materials and discard the waste timely.

E. Follow up the work order to ensure timely completion and storage.

F. Organize the work team to do the daily management of the fixtures and fixtures.


4. Be responsible for the field management of the team

A. Store materials reasonably according to the requirements of the designated area.

B. Manage the field identification as required.


5. Daily maintenance of equipment to prevent safety accidents

A. Supervise the equipment operators to do the equipment operation and maintenance.Use the equipment correctly according to the requirements.

B. Be responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment.

C. Any abnormal equipment found during production should be immediately reported for repair or discontinued.


6. Be responsible for organizing and compiling various statistical reports

A. Submit daily production report and record the production process problems.

B. Fill in the data handover form between each procedure as required.

C. Submit stop time table, rework time table and abnormal time table.

D. Review the repair report and QC daily report.

E. All kinds of reports required by workshop temporarily.


7. Be responsible for staff assessment, training and training within the team, improve the overall quality of the team

A. Check the work of the team, guide and submit the list of outstanding employees.

B. Carry out corresponding training to the staff according to relevant requirements.


8. After hours

A. Go off in the order of each team in the workshop.

B. Check the class and its responsible water, gas, electricity, (including the general brake) equipment, make sure the doors and windows are closed.

C. Check whether the materials, tools and so on are arranged according to the requirements.

D. Review the defective items according to the inspection report.


Do not dispose of factory goods without permission. Violators will be prosecuted. If necessary, apply to the team leader for help within a reasonable range.

Pay attention to safety at work.

Overtime work: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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