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Morning Meeting of Cardan Shaft

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1. About the quality of our industrial cardan shaft

There are four months left in this year. So far, our factory's work progress is still very good. This is due to the hard work of our workers, who often work overtime every week. However, while we are catching up with the schedule, we still need to pay attention to the quality of industrial cardan shaft, especially the minor aspects such as part processing and total shaft, which are easier to go wrong. Because of the nuance, we can easily overlook these quality problems from beginning to end in the process.


Quality is summarized as follows:

(1)Quality of paint. Paint must be of high quality.

(2)Quality of appearance. Avoid collisions. Each link should be handled lightly, protect each cardan shaft on each working procedure to make the quality of industrial cardan shaft is excellent.

(3)Make sure the shaft is right.

(4)Make sure the accuracy of stop. We should master the measure, check the error before welding, and reduce the loss to a minimum.

(5)Welding strength (plasticity). If the seam is found to be uneven, the problem may be that the previous cutter has not been dealt with properly. Strength should be grasped.

(6)Anti-rust treatment. The oil should be cleaned immediately after the pipe is placed. It's been doing well lately. If the inspector finds that the shaft sleeve does not spray paint for a long time, he should remind the corresponding personnel to apply anti-rust oil.

(7)The quality control crack. If the quality control crack is found, stop immediately, mark the quality control crack with red pen, and make a wrong number on it.

(8)Protection of hinged bolt hole. Paper roll shall be used for protection. A2-5 and A2-6 holes should be subject to hinge holes, and the screw holes should be relaxed so that customers can use them.


2. About overtime work

The task is still heavy, and we still need to work overtime. It is tentatively scheduled to work overtime on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week. Additional overtime will be notified if other working procedures need to be added.


3. About assembly group

At present, the assembly is divided into two groups, which improves the production efficiency and facilitates the team leader's management.


4. Praise and criticism

Praise little sixes in the assembly group. He works hard and takes the initiative, and drives the enthusiasm of the team members. Even when he reaches the meal point, he still insist on doing the work before eating. His working attitude is worth learning for all of us.

The office staff was criticized for their sloppy work and lack of connection. The parts arrived for two days but were not delivered to the warehouse.

We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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