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Morning Meeting of ST Cardan Shaft Factory

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1. The quality of industrial cardan shaft remains a top priority.

Through the emphasis of the previous two meetings, the quality of industrial transmission shaft is more guaranteed. The department works closely with each other and is able to fulfill the expected production plan. But the quality is still there.


With regard to quality the quality of industrial propeller shaft, we hereby propose the following requirements:


(1) Employees in the latter process must check the completion of the previous process, so that everyone can find and prevent similar problems in each process and reduce production errors.

(2) Each group should have an early meeting once a week, about 5-8 minutes. The goal is to provide feedback on last week's problems and provide solutions to prevent them.

(3) The machine operator should keep a good eye on the machine, and should not leave during the machine work without authorization, chatting with irrelevant personnel and thus causing work mistakes.

(4) At the end of each production process, the product should be covered with anti-rust oil.


2. About the use of paint

The surface of our industrial cardan shaft is sprayed with paint, and I think our finish can be perfecter. Don't think I'm too demanding, I'm just more of a perfectionist. I hope to use our best industrial cardan drive shafts to give back to our trusted customers.


3. About over-time work

Although the order task has been somewhat alleviated, our workload is still very large, so the overtime time is the same as the time proposed last week.


We have first-class production line and strict management system.

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