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Our Cardan Shafts Compared with Others

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Jiangsu Sitong machinery manufacturing CO., LTD is a professional industrial cardan shaft manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in cardan shafts. Therefore, the industrial transmission shafts we produced, no matter from the surface spray paint, internal details, the choice of raw materials, is not comparable to other transmission shaft companies.

This article will introduce our company's industrial cardan joint from various aspects, and prove to everyone with the fact that our company's production of industrial transmission shaft is indeed superior to others. Buying industrial cardan shafts in Jiangsu Sitong is the most sensible choice.

The following figure shows the comparison between the industrial cardan shafts of our company and other industrial propeller shafts.

products compared

The first thing I want to show you is the end face of our industrial cardan drive shaft. As can be seen from the picture, the end face of the industrial cardan shaft is very smooth and has good gloss. There is no impurity dust in each hole on the end face of the cardan shaft, which is very clean. This is due to the overall cooperation of our company. The quality of our industrial transmission shaft is completed well on the one hand, on the other hand after finishing personnel processing is also very good. After making the transmission shaft, we clean the dust and apply rust - proof oil to it in time, which makes our industrial transmission shaft look clean and new. And the other cardan drive shaft, its end face is very rough and not polished, and it's even broken. I'm sure none of us can accept such a product.

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Next comes the surface treatment of the cardan drive shaft. The industrial cardan shaft surface treatment of our company is perfect. It’s with uniform spray paint and gloss. And the surface does not have any blemish, more won't appear the problem that drop lacquer. And other transmission shaft companies, after-finish work is not done well. The surface has very many blemishes, and does not have the good protective measure, the surface paint is knocked badly, appears very serious to drop the paint phenomenon. Paint loss does not affect the use of the shaft, but it affects the transmission and storage of the shaft. If the surface is not properly handled, the transmission shaft may rust, corrode and other problems during transportation, so it cannot be used normally when it reaches the customer.

The industrial drive shafts produced by our company are strictly controlled for accuracy. Manual measurement and dynamic balancing are common. Manual measurement is to ensure that the data of the transmission shaft and the drawing data are highly matched. Our staffs will be measured for many times, during production, after production, before delivery, to the greatest extent to guarantee the safety. The dynamic balance test is the most basic detection of the driving shaft. The balance test of the driving shaft is of vital importance to the use of the driving shaft. The imbalance of the driving shaft will cause lateral vibration of the driving shaft and cause unnecessary dynamic load of the driving shaft, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the driving shaft. The cardan drive shaft should be tested for motion balance.

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