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Meeting of Industrial Cardan Shaft

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1. About maintenance of industrial cardan shaft equipment

(1) About the maintenance of the machine equipment, consult the group leader and secretary zhang in time as long as you’re confused about something.

(2) Maintenance rules and standards shall be based on the requirements of secretary zhang.

(3) The hidden problems raised by the leaders should be improved and implemented in a timely manner. If you still do not carry out after pointing out the problem, direct penalty disposal.

(4) If the workers do not clean and maintain the transmission shaft equipment according to the requirements every Sunday, the points deduction system shall be implemented and 10 points will be deducted.


2. Cooperate with foreign trade department to shoot promotional video

In order to show our cardan shafts to foreign customers in a more detailed and comprehensive way, the factory requires every employee to cooperate actively and try to sort out the required environment for shooting this week, and then shoot next week.


3. About the quality of industrial cardan shaft

The individual shall be held responsible if the cardan shaft produced has any quality problems.


4. About safety

(1) Clean the end face of the industrial cardan shaft in the paint spraying room and forbid people to walk around.

(2) No smoking.


5. About health

To ensure the hygiene of the toilet and keep it clean, everyone should be aware of this.


6. About overtime work

The factory orders are still very urgent, and overtime work still needs to be arranged. The overtime time of this week is arranged on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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