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Regular Meeting about Industrial Cardan Shaft

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For the company's common progress, we still hold a regular meeting every week. Our message is clear to sum up the problem and retain the advantages. Here's what our meeting will be like this week.


1. Quality factors that must be highlighted on a weekly basis

After nearly two weeks of repeated emphasis and the implementation of relevant measures, product quality has been highly valued. Jiangsu Sitong Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD. proposed the relevant company regulations, employees must follow the regulations. In precision control, size control, assembly control on the industrial cardan shaft quality control to achieve perfection.


Second, employees should take the initiative to find problems. If it's not something you're capable of solving, report it to your supervisor. Let's find a way together and the problem will be solved. It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure the quality. If we can control the quality in every link, the quality will definitely go up in a straight line.


(1) About burr

We tried to solve the burr problem by changing the way we spray paint, but failed to change the burr problem. Next, we should find the solution to this problem from the procedure.


(2) Improve appearance

We must finish polishing before we spray paint, after painting we should put mat under each cardan drive shaft. The most important thing is attitude. We should have a correct attitude at every link and treat every link carefully, so as to ensure a beautiful appearance.


2. Delivery time

In the past two weeks, we have completed the order of part of the industrial cardan drive shaft, and the pressure of order delivery has eased. However, we still need to finish the order task, but we can't relax. We need to make persistent efforts to keep up with the pace.


3. Work on time

After National Day, we changed our sleeping schedule, but we should still go to work as scheduled, get to work on time at 12 noon and make the most of 8 hours a day.


4. If the air gun is not used for a long time, it needs to close the valve, and do a good job of open source and throttle.


5. About safety

Cleaning the end face in the spray booth is the best practice.


6. Overtime

Overtime hours this week are fixed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

SITONG is a leading China industrial cardan shaft manufacturer, reliability and efficiency is our primary task. 

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