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Cardan Shaft Regular Meeting

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The National Day holiday is over and we are going back to work. In today's meeting, we still need to emphasize the following points, so that our colleagues of Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,Ltd can deepen their impression.


1. About industrial cardan shafts quality

The quality of the transmission shaft is the most important aspect, which we emphasize every week. Then how to guarantee the quality of the cardan shaft? I think it has something to do with our employees' self-discipline. If there is a problem with the cardan joint, it must be related to our employees that they are not disciplined enough. Therefore, in order to prevent this problem, our factory must take relevant measures to suppress the employees with discipline, to arouse the attention of the employees, and to be cautious of making mistakes again.


2. About the safety of workers

The quality of the cardan shaft is important, the safety of the workers is more important.

A. The cleaning oil should be more than 2 meters away from the welding personnel to prevent sparks from splashing into the oil and causing fire.

B. The crew of the vehicle should have foresight, have a certain sense of safety, and take responsibility.


3. Relevant working system loopholes and supplements:

A. The end face of the transmission shaft should be cleaned and painted in time. Do all the preparatory work before the delivery, and don't wait until the delivery of the work in a hurry, disrupting the work plan.

B. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the aisles. Cardan shaft must be placed in the specified position, can not be stacked at will, avoid causing aisle congestion, affect access and delivery.

C. Be clear about your duties and tasks. The warehouse management belongs to the staff of the warehouse. They are only responsible for the storage management of the industrial cardan drive shaft, and they are not responsible for the cleaning of the product. Therefore, the cleaning of the transmission shaft should belong to the work category of the assembler. The transfer workers should be clear about their work content, and be dedicated to their duties, instead of only focusing on their own interests. The work should have a beginning and an end. Cleaning products after assembly is also the job responsibility.

D. Emphasize again, the thing that can be done in spray paint room is finished in spray paint room, do not take to spray paint room outside, and forbid to be in spray paint room inside disorderly move.

E. Transmission shaft quality is always the top priority of our company and should always be put in the first place of all work. The goods must be checked before delivery, and no error can be confirmed before delivery.

F. We must be rigorous in the process of producing the cardan drive shaft. Everyone must get the drawing for the next production. If you don't understand the question, you should ask immediately.


4. About over-time work

We still have to work overtime because of our tight workload. The following is the overtime arrangement: Lathes will work overtime on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Assembly workers will not work overtime for the time being.


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