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Hot spot: the development direction of the new generation of manufacturing technology
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Hot spot: the development direction of the new generation of manufacturing technology

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Not long ago, China made 2025, the first decade of action for the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power, made a clear target for China's industrial transformation and upgrading.Manufacturing is the mainstay of industry.Industry in our country want to gain dominant position in a new round of international competition, can not blindly pursue advanced industrial production mode, more can't slavishly passive pursued, and must be based on the reality of our country, on a new generation of manufacturing technology development direction.

China's industrial transformation and upgrading should be based on its own reality.The German "industry 4.0" strategy is the product of the deep integration of informatization and industrialization.As a new mode of industrial production, "industry 4.0" has certain enlightenment to China's industrial transformation and upgrading.But at present, most factories in China are still in the "industrial 2.0" era of labor-intensive "large-scale production line", which has not yet entered the era of "industrial 3.0" of large-scale automation production.Given the industrial level there is a big gap with the developed country, our country should be based on their actual, in general the pursuit of "4.0" industrial at the same time, both "industrial 3.0" 2.0 "industry", looking for the breach of the industrial transformation and upgrading.Made in China 2025 is to open this breach.

It is the key of China's industrial transformation and upgrading to grasp the development direction of the new generation manufacturing technology.Development course and trend of manufacturing can be divided into three stages: on the basis of the experience and skill of manual molding manufacture 1.0, based on the precision of machine controlled manufacturing 2.0, close to the material base of atoms and atomic scale near 3.0.One of the core technologies of manufacturing is processing.When the scale of the processing from micron, nano approached to atomic scales, the atomic level of material removal, migration or increase, the traditional processing theory cannot explain the phenomenon and the effect of the scales.It also marks the manufacturing technology from classical mechanics, the macro statistical analysis and engineering experience as the main characteristics of modern manufacturing technology, direction is based on the multidisciplinary integrated cross integration of a new generation of manufacturing technique.The manufacture of this atom or near atomic scale is referred to as ACSM manufacturing, or "manufacturing 3.0".Theory and technology of manufacture 3.0 far beyond conventional category, in the electronic information, materials, new energy, biological medicine and national defense security fields has important research value and broad application prospects, is important in the development of a new generation of manufacturing technique direction.

Only by keeping a firm grasp on the direction of manufacturing technology can we avoid ineffective investment and get rid of the passive situation.For example, when the tube appeared, it was once the core element of the circuit system, but was then replaced by a transistor.For example, the birth of microchip has ushered in an era when the integration of chips is developing rapidly.But in the future, quantum science will be used to develop new information processing mechanisms based on quantum chips, known as quantum computers, which will be more than a trillion times faster than conventional electronic computers.Imagine that, before the advent of the transistor, we would put a lot of effort into the research, development and industrialization of the tube, and when the transistor appeared, all the efforts would be wasted.Similarly, if we put a lot of effort into microchip manufacturing, a few years later, when the quantum chip era comes, we will have to run another round of catch-up.Whether quantum chips or other new revolutionary components that we didn't foresee, they are bound to generate huge demand for a new generation of manufacturing technology when they form a product.

Historically, a country can realize rapid development and leapfrog development only by taking advantage of the development direction of manufacturing technology and utilizing the opportunity of scientific and technological change in the manufacturing field.It can be said that the development of the manufacturing industry has influenced the changes of the world economic pattern to some extent.The accuracy of submillimeter manufacturing made the steam engine revolution successful in Britain, and created the "empire of the sun";Micron-scale manufacturing accuracy has been adapted to the manufacture of electrical and electronic products, which has led to rapid economic development in the United States, Europe and Japan.As the representative of next-generation manufacturing technology, "manufacturing 3.0" is expected to bring about scientific and technological change in the manufacturing field and provide important opportunities for China to transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.

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