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The competition analysis of domestic and overseas cardan shaft product

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Statistics show that more than 70% of the global cardan shaft market is Shared by the top ten multinational bearing groups.

Meanwhile, the world's high-end market is dominated by foreign enterprises, while the middle and low market is mainly concentrated in China.

From a specific country, the U.S. market is the largest, accounting for 23% of the global market.European Union countries, accounting for 21%;Japan is 19%;Russia accounts for 6%;India accounts for 4%;China accounts for 10%.

Chart 1: the market size of the major cardan shaft demand countries in the world (unit: %)

The domestic cardan shaft enterprise area concentration degree is high.

1. Distribution of manufacturers.

Cardan shaft specialized production plant distribution area throughout the motherland, especially jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and other provinces.

By analyzing the distribution of cardan shaft manufacturer data, we can see clearly the leading producer of product, to the top, the greater the proportion of province, production of universal shaft manufacturers, the more the greater choice space, style, variety complete, more products are larger bargaining space.The top three manufacturers of wanxiang shaft manufacturers are guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang respectively, accounting for 23.77%, 17.75% and 14.04% respectively.

Chart 2: the distribution of China's wanxiang shaft industry manufacturers in 2014.

2. By analyzing the distribution of cardan shaft purchaser data, we can understand the cardan shaft in the main market in which provinces, the greater the proportion of market share, the greater the making data support for universal shaft extension.According to forward-looking industry institute released "2015-2020 Chinese tyre coupling industry market foresight and investment planning analysis report, according to the universal shaft purchaser of the top three, respectively in Shanghai, jiangsu, fujian, account for 39.57%, 21.71%, 39.57% respectively.

Chart 3: distribution of purchasers in China's cardan shaft industry in 2014

At present,Low-end cardan shaft enterprise in China are numerous, small, competition is intense, less competitive on the international, high-end cardan shaft enterprise is little , couldn't compared with the international cardan shaft multinational company.

There is a large gap between domestic and overseas cardan shaft products.

In recent years, China’s cardan shaft industry keeps rapid and stable development, but compared with the world cardan shaft industry powers, there is a big gap.In addition, with the changes of the application of cardan shaft, cardan shaft industry in our country is faced with the demand of structural adjustment, in the aspect of high-end universal shaft in performance, high precision, low noise, long life and high reliability and foreign well-known enterprises also there is a big gap.

The technology gap

At present, our country can produce little types of cardan shaft, mostly general products.There is large gap compared with the global.In addition, there is a large gap between China and international advanced level in dimension tolerance, rotation precision, high speed performance, life, reliability, vibration, noise and heterophony.

Especially in recent years, with the development of high-end equipment industry in our country, the application field of cardan shaft changes, in some key areas of the host country, such as civil aviation planes, high-speed rail, high-grade cars, computers, hydropower, wind power and other major equipment, basic dependence on imports, and these industries, and is the pillar industry of national economy.

The difference in size.

In addition, because of the cardan shaft is basic components, and its scale play a direct relationship between the enterprise's profit level, and at present our country cardan shaft industry enterprise is more, but mostly small scale, and industry concentration degree is low.Because our country cardan shaft with from the specification to the quality of performance insufficient, therefore, we only export low-grade products, do not have the task technology competitiveness, so the price is extremely low.Combined with the enterprise small scale, scale merit can not come out. Small profits of the enterprise, cause the lack of research and development power, thus fallen into a vicious cycle.

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