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Drive Shaft | Can we Use a Bending Axle?

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The drive shaft of a car is an essential component. They transfer power from the transmission or differential to the drive wheels. Although they are designed to be very strong and last a long time, they can be damaged. This can happen in a traffic accident, when driving over a curb or even hitting a particularly deep pothole at a higher speed. The result is bending of the shaft. Is it safe to drive on a bending axis?

If the axle is only slightly bent, you may be limp, but driving a damaged axle is never a good idea. If the axle fails completely, you will lose control of the car. Common damages to axles include:

Severity: This largely depends on the degree of bending of the shaft. If the bend is small, you can drive for at least a while. However, please be aware that you may feel a lot of vibration, and since bending will prevent the axle from rotating smoothly, it will eventually damage other parts, such as CV joints.

Bent axle or damaged wheels: Usually, the only sign of a bent axle is a wobble of one wheel. If you suffered damage in an accident or hit road debris and caused wheel damage, it may be caused by a damaged wheel or a bent axle (or both). Only an experienced mechanic can determine which situation applies.

Severe bending: If the bending is severe (more than a quarter inch or so), the axle needs to be replaced immediately. Severely bent axles can quickly damage the CV joints and may damage your wheels, bearings and other components. It may also damage the mounting flange connected to the differential (in rear-wheel drive vehicles) and may cause internal damage to the differential.

Your resume boots are leaking. You can wait a while, but fix it as soon as possible. But what if the CV boots blow? If the joints make noise, then you can be no problem in a short time (fix it immediately). If the joint makes noise, then you should find a certified mechanic to replace the CV boot.

Seal leakage: If the problem is a seal leakage (on the gearbox or rear differential), depending on the severity of the leakage, you can drive safely for a while. However, any leakage, no matter how small, will lower the level of the liquid (transmission oil or gear coating), which will cause very serious damage, and the cost will far exceed the cost of replacing the shaft or shaft seal.

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