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Drive Shaft | The Best Maintenance Method

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Automobile drive shaft is a product that plays an important advantage in the automobile rotation system. Its transmission performance and product strength are not relatively high. 

Automobile drive shaft

It can not only meet the function of automobile mechanical power transmission, but also reduce the maintenance of the product. Lower the cost of car maintenance. 

During the development of the automobile industry, the requirements for auto parts used in different systems are different, and the automobile drive shafts we are introducing today are mechanical products with very good application effects. 

The connection between the shaft and the shaft is divided into a keyed connection and a keyless connection, and the shaft hole of the coupling is divided into two types of cylindrical shaft hole and tapered shaft hole. 

The assembly methods include static press-in method, dynamic press-in method, temperature difference assembly method and hydraulic assembly method. Depending on the size of the pressing force required during assembly, use clamps, jacks, manual or motorized presses. 

During the pressing process, the uneven small peaks on the mating surface between the coupling and the shaft will be cut off. The mating surface is damaged. The use of impact tools or machinery to complete the assembly process is generally used where the fit between the Shandong coupling and the shaft is transitional fit or small interference. 

The assembly site usually uses a hand hammer to beat it. The method is to put wooden blocks or other soft materials on the end surface of the hub as a buffer, and rely on the impact force of the hand hammer to knock the coupling in.

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