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Propeller Shaft | What Are the Components of The Drive Shaft

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The following elements are included in the propeller shaft device.

1. The central shaft. It is made of hollow steel pipe. Void is necessary to facilitate construction. On one side of the pipe there are internal or external slots. They are required to install a sliding fork. The hinge fork is welded on the other side of the pipe.

2. The intermediate shaft. In multi-sectional modifications of the cardan, one or more of these elements are used. They are installed on rear-wheel drive cars to eliminate the vibration that occurs when a long pipe rotates at high speeds. On both sides fixed forks of hinges are fixed on them. In sports cars, one-section driveshafts are installed.

3. The crosspiece. This is an element of the hinge with tips, inside which is located a needle bearing. The part is installed in the eyes of the forks. It transfers rotation from the driving fork to the driven. Additionally, they provide unobstructed rotation of two shafts, the angle of which does not exceed 20 degrees. In the case of a larger difference, another intermediate section is installed.

4. Outboard bearing. It is mounted in an additional section mount. This part fixes and stabilizes the rotation of the countershaft. The number of these bearings is identical to the number of intermediate sections.

5. Sliding fork. It is inserted into the central shaft. When the car is moving, the distance between the bridge and the gearbox is constantly changing due to the shock absorbers. If you fix the pipe tightly, on the very first bump you will need to change some kind of knot (the one that will be the weakest). 

This may be a break in the shaft mounting or failure of the bridge parts. The sliding fork is equipped with slots. Depending on the modification, it is either inserted into the central shaft (corresponding grooves are made inside it), or is worn on top of the pipe. Slots and grooves are needed so that the pipe rotates the hinge.

6. Hinge forks. They connect the central shaft to the intermediate. The flange plug has a similar shape, only it is installed at the place of attachment of the entire mechanism in front to the gearbox, and at the rear to the axle gearbox.

7. Flexible coupling. This part softens the shock of the universal joint when it is shifted while riding. It is installed between the flange of the output shaft of the box and the plug-flange of the central shaft of the cardan.

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