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Propeller Shaft | 5 Different Ways to Fix the Drive Shaft

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1. Fastening bolt type: This low-cost type is a traditional fixing method. However, direct contact between the front end of the bolt and the end center may cause damage to the shaft or difficulty in disassembly.

2. Clamping type: Utilize the tightening force of countersunk bolts to shrink the slits and clamp the shaft tightly. It is convenient to fix and disassemble, and will not damage the axis of Qiancheng.

3. Separation type: The characteristic of the separation type is that it has a completely separated shaft sleeve, which can be fixed and disassembled without moving the device.

4. Semi-separable type: One side of this type is a clamping type bushing, and the other side is a separate type bushing. First fix one side of the axis to the clamping type bushing, and then install the axis of the device end deaf or dumb. In the separable bushing.

5. Keyway type: This type is the same as the fastening bolt type. It is the most traditional fixing method. It is suitable for higher torque transmission. In order to prevent axial movement, it is usually used together with the fastening bolt type and the clamping type.

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