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Universal Joint | How Often Should I Grease My Joint

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The universal joints on many automotive vehicles are factory lubricated and sealed, which requires no lube for up to 100,000 Miles and its build for long term trouble free use. 

universal joints

A good guideline to start with is to grease your shaft every oil change. If you go wheeling and drive through a lot of dirt or water, grease your shaft as soon as you get home. 

This will flush out the contaminants before they have a chance to do much harm. Any grease will do but generally we recommend a good quality grade 2 grease. Just don't overlook that cv center ball! 

Greasable U-joint kits contain only enough grease to provide needle bearing protection during storage. Prior to installing a new U-joint into the driveshaft, you must:

Remove each bearing assembly and pack each journal cross lube reservoir with grease. Wipe a liberal coating of the same grease into the each bearing assembly, filling all of the cavities between the needle rollers.

Apply a liberal coating of grease into the bottom of each bearing cup.
Photo 1After installation into a driveshaft, and prior to being placed into service, you must (with the exception of Service-Free U-joints) lubricate each U-joint kit in accordance with the following recommendations:

Apply grease gun pressure to each U-joint until fresh grease appears at each bearing seal. This purging action not only assures that every bearing has been properly greased, but flushes out any moisture and abrasive contaminants that may have worked their way past the seals.

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