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How to Self-check the Problems of the Drive Shaft

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Traveling must understand the car, and can only care about the situation of the beautiful car anytime and anywhere, and be able to deal with the "small injuries" of the beautiful car in time to prevent the "problems" from becoming "problems" over time. 

Here, I will introduce to you car buyers in detail how to self-check the physical and mental health problems of the drive shaft. The periodic inspection and warranty of the drive shaft varies with different drive vehicles. For front-rear-drive cars, the drive shaft uses 2 variable speed universal joint connectors.

If there is a clicking sound from the chassis when the pressure is released and the clutch is uphill, or when the chassis is rapidly accelerated or decelerated, it means that the unequal velocity universal joint connector must be replaced. 

Another way of checking is to grasp the drive shaft shaking up and down under the chassis. If the angle of view of rotation exceeds 46 degrees, it means that the gap of the variable speed universal joint connector is too large and must be repaired.

The drive shaft of a front-wheel drive vehicle uses a constant velocity universal joint connector, and a part of the connector is sealed with an eraser sleeve. The buyer must always check the condition of the eraser sleeve. If it is damaged, sand and stone will run into the cross shaft connector when driving, speeding up the damage and shortening the service life.

Only, it is relatively easy to check whether the eraser sleeve is cracked. If you find extremely thick oil traces around the rim and the bottom plate of the diesel engine, or if there is a love noise when you turn the steering wheel of the car while driving, it indicates that the cross shaft connector is wrong and should be replaced.

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