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Universal Joint | What Are the Symptoms of Loosening Failure?

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The characteristics of the phenomenon of the problem of the loosening of the universal joints, in addition to the fairly clear problems such as noise and oil leakage, I think are closely related to the steering wheel.

Universal Joint

Feature 1: The steering wheel chuckles. The characteristic symptom of a bad steering wheel is the chucking noise during the driving process, especially when there is a clear noise when the steering wheel is running. This symptom indicates that your steering wheel is probably broken. There are many problems that cause the steering gear to make noise. Most of them are related to problems such as low power steering oil, universal joints, flat bearings, etc. The noise is a very clear feature, so if you find it, you should immediately send it to the 4S shop for repair.

Feature 2: The direction is swaying or running off. When a car is driving on the side of the supply road, it has a tendency to run sideways. When the arch is larger, it is clear that the sideways are caused by external factors. After the tire pressure problem is ruled out, it is likely that a mechanical part of the steering gear is loose or broken.

Feature 3: The steering wheel is heavy while light. If your partner feels that one side turns briskly while turning the steering wheel, the other half turns heavy. This symptom is mostly caused by the leakage of the seal that seals the high-pressure chamber on the side, and there is another possibility because of the direction. The limit Improper adjustment of the position valve.

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