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Using a Universal Joint to Create Torque

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A universal joint is usually a joint or attaching rigidly fixed steel rods whose ends are inclined to each other and is most often used in shaft assemblies that transmit rotary motion between the ends. It consists of a set of rotary hinges attached at both ends, aligned at 90 degrees to each other. These hinges can be made of various materials depending on how they will be used. Some people prefer the use of stainless steel, while some others prefer the use of aluminum because they are light and rust proof. The attachment of hinges to the shaft of an axial joint can be made in a number of ways.

Most people are familiar with the concept of a universal joint consisting of two pieces that have been welded or bolted together at their ends. But in case you want to learn more about how they work, here is a description of how they work. When the angle of symmetry between the two pieces X and Y is given, the resultant angle of the resultant joint angle Z is also given. The concept of symmetry, as explained above, means that if the angles are all constant, then Z would also be constant.

Let us consider first the example of a universal joint with two parts. In this joint, the two parts are the hinge and the shaft, which may be of different metals depending on the use of the joint. Let us start with the shaft and make sure we refer to the illustrations that will help us understand better. The vertical axis of the motor is placed parallel to the red plane, while the horizontal axis is pointing to the blue plane. The end of the shaft has a nut which can be turned by hand or by the motor.

As the two shafts rotate, they cause the vertical axis of the motor to move parallel to the horizon, as indicated by the dotted line. The two shafts, henceforth, will experience an equal amount of torque as they rotate. The torque induced on the shafts by the magnetic field is given by their respective pole pieces. The concept of a universal joint makes it possible for us to find out the value of the torque induced on the shafts by measuring the angle between the two pole pieces.

Thus, it is possible to calculate the lift generated by the propeller shaft while the propeller is at rest and when the engine is going through the complete revolution. This calculation is based on the concept of Universal joints. There are three types of universal joints. They are axial ones, radial ones, and screw ones. The screw ones are used most often, while the axial and radial ones are used on shafts of different size.

The most common use for a universal joint is to connect two output shafts of the same size that are of the same length, but of different metals. Here the intermediate shafts are connected, through a universal joint, to produce a single output shaft, which represents the joint in its simplest form. The angle between the output shafts, represented by the angle of insertion, must be equal to the angle of repose of the connecting rod. If it is, then the metal of the connecting rod will be of the same polarity as the input shaft and will have a positive potential for attraction.

In case of the screw ones, the angle between the output shafts and the connecting rod must be larger than the angle of repose of the rod, to produce a torque rating. Hence, the universal joints with larger angle of insertion produce torque. The larger angle of insertion, in turn, increases the weight, and length, relative to the shaft of similar length. This can result in improper component fit, output shaft displacement, or both.

In the case of the screw ones, if the universal joint does not fit the shafts of the same length to produce the desired effect, then the other method of creating the required torque, by using a rotary motion, is by means of interlocking gears. Here shafts are placed one at a time into a gear assembly, which rotates on two shafts at the same angle. When the gear assembly completes the turning process, the shaft that was not engaged is now engaged, thus giving rise to torque, as the gear engages the stationary shaft at the appropriate angle for the desired effect.

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