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How to Build Your Own Custom Driveshaft

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Custom driveshaft replacement packages are a full replacement for your stock or factory automatic transmission and come complete with all new, factory, original parts, driven primarily by a 4" lower lift kit. The upgrade produces a greater turning radius for improved handling and ground clearance. The primary difference in handling between custom, stock, and turbo kits is primarily in the transmission and driveshaft, both the shaft and drive are made from stronger materials employing lighter weight steels. Both the stock and the turbo kits require an adjustable angle for optimal performance. There is an optional fifth-wheel kit available for use with custom units that will allow for added height.

There are two types of custom driveshaft available: the stock aluminum and the forged aluminum drive shafts. The stock aluminum shafts are typically made from stamped aluminum and do not offer the extra height, turning radius or additional width that the forged aluminum drive shafts can offer. Each of these shafts are made to specific specifications and the combination will be determined by the buyer. In addition, there is a heavier grade of aluminum for the forged drive shafts than for the stock aluminum.

Another option when replacing the stock suspension on a Jeep is to utilize aftermarket driveshaft/shaftmasters. These shaftmasters offer more precise turn radius and ground clearance than stock, but are not as deep. They also are not always as lightweight as stock drive shafts and can be more expensive than the aftermarket varieties. Some of these shaftmasters can include a grease cover that will help keep your driving smooth while it is awaiting its upgrade. The advantage of using an aftermarket driveshaft/shaftmaster is that many of them have a direct-fit aluminum spindle that allows you to replace the existing suspension with it.

If your vehicle has a manual transmission, then the best option for an upgrade is a custom driveshaft. These are typically made out of a high-grade steel and will usually include a u-joint in place of the older bull nose design. The u-joint is designed to accommodate a wider axle through which the transmission can be shifted. This is for vehicles with a limited amount of available space or a drivetrain that requires more clearance than a stock Jeep.

If your car or truck has a hydraulic transmission, then you need to purchase hydraulic custom driveshaft replacements. These hydraulically powered driveshafts are very durable and are often stronger than stock ones. The benefit of using hydraulically powered driveshafts is that they tend to last longer than stock ones. This is because when the trucks or cars are driven hard, the bearings tend to wear out eventually. The other nice thing about them is that they will typically perform better than a stock drivetrain.

When you are considering a custom driveshaft order, make sure you know what your suspension components are made of. All suspension components must work with the same geometry, so you will want to know which pinion and radius sizes the suspension uses. Also take a look at the critical speed ratings, as these are often an indicator of how much your car or truck can handle. For example, a street car with a critical speed of 150mph is going to be much more capable of handling the sheer bumps and bruises that may be encountered on the road.

Lastly, look into custom made shaftmasters. They have grown increasingly popular in recent years, primarily due to the fact that they can offer the best of both worlds. Shaftmasters are a direct drive dual angle drive, meaning that the shaft is actually placed through two different holes. This allows for a lower profile then stock, along with a more aggressive ride. Because of this, many have switched over to using this technology.

When ordering your custom driveshaft - steel, 3 ton or pinion, make sure you also ask about warranties. Warranties are important if something goes wrong with your new suspension system, especially for an expensive item such as a driveshaft. Typically speaking, warranties last for one year or for twenty-five years, but you can also extend them for significantly longer periods of time. Make sure to also inquire about shock absorption capabilities. Shock absorption abilities vary between manufacturers, so it would be wise to inquire about shock absorption abilities from your dealer. Many drivetrain specialists have websites where you can find out everything you need to know.

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