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Learn How to Repair Your Jeep's Front Drive Shaft

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Jeep's new JK Front Drive Shaft replacement has arrived. This improvement to your old favorite is sure to increase the performance and mileage at your driving speeds. The Jeep Wrangler is known for being a hard work vehicle. It was designed with the everyday driver in mind who likes the rugged, no-frills style of a standard pickup truck.

But when you are hauling the occasional load or long distances on a daily basis, you know that your tires need a little bit of TLC to keep up with all the miles you are putting them through. This is where the new Jeep JK Front Drive Shaft comes into play. This front driveshaft is designed to make your life a little easier with better performance while keeping everything you need in your cab at the same time.

One of the first tasks involved with replacing your Jeep JK front driveshaft cv joint is to remove your hood. First, pull off the whole cover to get access to your subframe. Second, disconnect the battery cables. Once disconnected, remove the key fob. Lastly, locate your front end mount and disconnect it, as well.

Before moving on to the replacement of your front driveshafts, you will first need to install your new replacement. Start by installing the front driveshaft cv joint on the left side of your Jeep. Mark the location of your new bracket by drilling a few pilot holes and using a set of jigsaw punches to center the marks. Then slide the new bracket onto the mounting point you previously marked.

Next, you will need to install your new 1310 cv front driveshaft on your right side. The reason for this is to center the new bracket on the correct mounting point and to also center your new drive wheel sprocket. To do this, you will need to center the bracket on the underside of your Jeep. By using the same jigsaw punches that you used to mark your original mounting points, drill out some pilot holes on the underside of your jeep for your new rubicon bolts. After drilling the pilot holes, set your new rubicon bolt in place, and re-tighten the bolts.

Once you have the rubicon bolts in place, you can move on to the replacement of your rear driveshaft. For this job, you will need a 9-inch lift jack, hydraulic jacks, and a tube brush. The reason you will need a tube brush is that it can help you keep your front driveshaft aligned properly when you are lowering your jack. Start by unbolting your rear bumper. Next, unbolt the four rear wheels, and locate the old rear strut rod in the center of your Jeep.

Now, remove the old strut rod, and place the new CV Joint on the old joint, and then secure it with nuts and bolts. This is the first step in your Jeep wrangler CV driveshaft replacement project. Next, attach the rear CV Joint to the front Jeep Wrangler cv joint, and then attach the new rubicon bolts to your front mounts. You should now be able to raise your jeep by approximately thirty inches, which is just fine when putting your new CV joint on.

In order to correctly replace the front and rear CV joints, you will need to remove the driveshafts. Again, I would strongly suggest that you consult a professional in this area before attempting this on your own. Once your driveshafts are removed, you should loosen them and then remove the old rear strut brace. You will need to locate the old mounting point, and then loosen it up. Then remove the old CV joint, and install the new Jeep front driveshaft CV joints.

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