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Professional Customized Drawworks Sleeve Types of Shaft Couplings
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Professional Customized Drawworks Sleeve Types of Shaft Couplings


Length:follow customer's requirements
Surface Treatment:Painting
Min order:1 set
Material:follow customer’s requirements


  • The Dimensions and drawings of Customized Drawworks Sleeve Couplings:

Flange is one part of Cardan Shaft. What is flange, and what’s the use of flange? Also known as flange or flange plate. A flange is a part that connects the pipe to the pipe and is connected to the end of the tube; It is also useful for flanges on the import and export of equipment for connection between two devices, such as a reducer flange. Flange connection or flanged joint, refers to the flange, gaskets and bolts are connected to each other as a group of combined sealing structure of the detachable connection, pipe flange refers to the piping device with the flange, used in equipment to refer to the import and export flange equipment. The flange is perforated and the bolts make the two flanges tight. Gaskets are sealed between flanges. Flanged threaded connection (wire buckle connection) flange and welding flange and clamp flange.

Flange, flanges for short, is a generic term that usually refers to a similar disk-shape around the metal body of the opening several holes for connection with other things on, this very broad application on the machine, so it looks strange, just like is called blue plate.

The Pre-delivery Inspection of customized drawworks sleeve cardan shafts:

Q: How to do dynamic balance test?

A: According to the customer's drawworks sleeve types shaft couplings r/min and accuracy level parameters of the dynamic balance test, if the test when the drawworks sleeve types shaft couplings problems, we will be at the end of the drawworks sleeve types shaft couplings or at both ends of the balance sheet, and then continue to dynamic balance test to know the results of the drawworks sleeve types shaft couplings test to meet the min and precision level parameters.

Q: How to do manual measurement?

A:The inspectors measure the length of the professional drawworks sleeve types shaft, the size of the flange, the number of holes on the flange and its diameter according to the drawing.

The storage of professional drawworks sleeve types shaft:

 We protect the drawworks sleeve types cardan shafts well with foam and wooden cases.

  • we have warning signs in our warehouse.

  • we keep it well and our customized drawworks sleeve cardan shafts won't break or rust easily.

  • Please feel free to contact us.

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