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Light Flexible Cardan Shafts For Crane Application
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Light Flexible Cardan Shafts For Crane Application


Length:follow customer's requirements
Surface Treatment:Painting
Min order:1 set
Material:follow customer’s requirements


For more dimensions and drawings about industrial cardan shaft, you can click "Service" and download.

The following are dimensions and drawings of SWC-BH cardan shaft with length compensation as a model.

What is Cardan Shaft ?

Cardan shaft is a shaft that can help to transmission power. Usually used in Paper Machines, General Machines, Pumps, Test Machines, Down Coiler, Marine Drives, Rolling Mills, Crane, Straightening Machines, Tube Piercer, Plate mill R1 & R2, Crushers, Wind mill test machine, Bar mill, H Beam, Locomotives and every kinds of industry machinery.

Below have 5 points to help know the detail about Cardan Shaft :

1. Function 

Cardan Shaft is used to connect various different types of shafts, enable them to rotating together, then we can achieve the purpose of transfer torque. And the shafts here mean drive shaft bearing and driven shaft bearing. Therefore, it’s a kind of mechanical parts. Besides, some cardan shafts have the function of buffering, damping and so on.

2. Materials 

The material of Cardan Shafts usually used four kinds of steels, such as 45# steel, 45# forged steel, 40# chrome and cast iron.

3. Structure Type 

There are many kinds of Cardan Shafts, such as across type, ball-cage type, ball-yoke type, ball-pin type… And the across type is the most used in industry.

4. Advantages 

Cardan Shaft has good compensation capacity of across angle, tight structure and high transmission efficiency.

5. Choice 

Considering the rotating speed, loading, installation accuracy and the rotation stability or other factors, compare them all, then choose the best one which you want.

Supplier selection criteria:

1. Industry standard&National standard

2. Good quality, reasonable price, timely delivery

We also have quality certificates to show you if you need.

After-sale Service of Light Crane Cardan Shafts:

-For domestic customers, when we receive customer complaints, we will send technicians to the spot, analysis the cause, and help solve the problem.

-For customers abroad, we will ask them to send photos and vedios of the problem light duty cardan shafts, our technicians will analysis the cause, and give the solve guidance to customers.

General speaking, there is no quality problem of our light duty cardan shafts, we produce strictly according to the detailed drawing. The problem is always caused by wrong maintenance. Please note to add grease for the spline and cross cardan frequently. (usually once a month, for cars, once per 15 days.

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