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U Joint Cardan Shaft Manufacturer
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U Joint Cardan Shaft Manufacturer


Min order:1 set
Size:follow drawings
Material:follow customer's requiments


The drawing of industrial cardan shaft:

Industrial cardan shaft is widely used in metallurgical industry (cross universal coupling, drum gear coupling, cage-type universal coupling, guide and guard, steel head ) ; power industry ( heat-resistant steel ) ; ships, locomotives, construction machinery (concrete pump truck, excavators, rollers, drive); packaging machinery.

We will provide the following services, if you buy our universal joint coupling:

1. Send regular emails to customers to remind them to maintain ( add oil for cardan drive shaft ).

2. 24-hour round-the-clock for customers to provide technical support, product use one day, service one day, solve the user worries.

3. Set up high quality service team, set up product files, so that users can inquire and visit regularly.

There is no quality problem with our products so far. As long as the products are properly maintained, they can be used normally without after-sales service.

The quality of our u joint coupling:

1. Raw materials: Our raw materials of industrial transmission shaft come from the most famous brands in China. Big brands are guaranteed.

2. Staffs: The staffs of our company have rich experience, at least 5 years working experience in this industry and 8 years working experience in related industries.

3. Equipments: CNC

4. Problem handling: Once the problem is found, the defective industrial propeller shaft will be reworked immediately. So we don't have defectiveu joint transmission shaft.


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