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Most Popular Type B without Length Compensation
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Most Popular Type B without Length Compensation


Min order:1 set
Length:follow customer's requirements


For more dimensions and drawings about industrial cardan shaft, you can click "Service" and download.

The following are dimensions and drawings of SWC-BH cardan shaft with length compensation as a model.

Type B without length compensation is widely used in metallurgical industry(cross universal coupling, drum gear coupling, cage-type universal coupling, guide and guard,steel head); power industry(heat-resistant steel); ships, locomotives, construction machinery(concrete pump truck, excavators, rollers, drive); packaging machinery.


  • Firstly, signs of trouble with the drive shaft without length compensation:

Clunking noises when the vehicle is in motion

Vibration that intensifies as the machine accelerates

Strong vibration coming from the vehicle's floorboards

Resistance when maneuvering the machine around corners

Squeaking or rattling noises

Visible play in the U joints when you grab or otherwise manually move the cardan shaft

Visible signs of U joint wear, such as rust around the yoke

Then, how to maintain drive shaft without length compensation?

Cleaning, dust removal, sand removal and mud removal are carried out for the key parts, connecting the universal joint and shaft body. If the width is loose, further tightening is required.

Clean cross shafts, cross bearings, bearing needles, and reassemble with fresh butter. The bearing needle is the most easily damaged part, if there is any damage, it needs to be replaced.

Clean the spline shaft to remove dust and oil from the groove and surface.

The shaft sleeve is cleaned to remove oil, dust and sand from its interior.

Will detect maintenance is completed after the reassembly of each structure, drive shaft for all parts to inject fresh butter, in order to increase its self-lubricating degree, reduce the wear in the process of its operation, which can increase the driving safety and service life of the component itself.

Q: How to control your product quality?

A: Quality is priority! We always attach great importance to controlling quality from the beginning to the  end:

1. Firstly, we have QC department to control the quality, and we also accept the third official government to inspect the our product before delivery.

2. Secondly, we have all detailed records for nonconformity products, then we will make summary according to these records, avoid it happen again.

3. Thirdly, We do observe the relevant codes of conduct & laws from government in environment, human right aspects, like no children labor, no prisoner labor and so on.

We also do manual measurement and dynamic balance test.

How to do manual measurement?

The inspectors measure the length of the most popular cardan shaft, the size of the flange, the number of holes on the flange and its diameter according to the drawing.


How to do dynamic balance test?

According to the customer's drive shaft without length compensation r/min and accuracy level parameters do the dynamic balance test, if any problems with the test, we will add the balance block at both end of the drive shaft without length compensation, and then continue to dynamic balance test to know the results of the drive shaft without length compensation test to meet the min and precision level parameters.

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