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Propeller Shaft in Front Wheel Drive

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You have to understand the propeller shaft in front-wheel-drive sports cars. Most of the time, most people think of this part as an afterthought. But in reality, it's the most important component in your sports car.

First off, why is it necessary for a car to use a propeller shaft? Just imagine if the wheels that you were driving on were the only ones on the road.

Here's a good reason. To have traction, your rear wheels must spin.

If they spin properly, the right rear wheels will be where they need to be. If you're on wet pavement, the front wheels will spin and you'll turn the steering wheel to the right. If you're on dry pavement, the left rear wheels will spin to the left.

This is what makes that drive feels like it's spinning when you're driving. The front wheels are supposed to spin and the rear wheels are supposed to stay where they are.

If you don't keep them where they're supposed to be, your car's turning will feel very different when you stop at a light or down the road. In order to maintain control, you need to make sure your front wheels are spinning.

Your front-wheel-drive sports car uses a propeller shaft to achieve this. A shaft is what separates the wheel from the body. They are made of different materials, but they all come down to one thing: creating the perfect friction to spin the wheels.

There are different types of the propeller shaft. This type is called the ball joint. You can find these on old trucks. They also use a front-wheel-drive sport.

A rear-wheel-drive sport uses a propeller shaft that connects the right front and the left front wheels. This is usually what makes the car feel like it's rolling forward when you hit the gas.

Another type of shaft you'll find in a rear-wheel-drive sports car is called the tie rod. This is what connects the body and the wheels. When you hit the brakes, it lets the tie rod to move back into the body.

The propeller shaft is what keeps all of this working properly. It's the central point that holds everything together. It's important that it doesn't come loose, so it should be taken care of with oiling every few months.

If you are unsure about which drive type you should get, consult your local Subaru dealer. They can tell you which type of shaft you need for your Subaru.

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