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Propeller Shaft: A Guide to Bearing Replacement

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Propeller shaft bearings should be the first part of a boat to be addressed. It's an expensive investment, but it's also something that is really important if you want your boat to run properly and remain in good shape for years to come. It is imperative that you know how to replace the bearings on your propeller before they stop working properly.

You can check your shaft bearings by following these steps. First, take a look at the bottom of your motor. Look closely at the wear and tear. If you see tears or breaks in the bearing surface, you should replace them immediately.

Next, take a look at the top of your propeller shaft and notice the thickness of the lubricant. The thinner the lube, the more prone it is to rusting.

Finally, look at the top of your propeller to see if there are any cracks in the shaft bearings. If you find cracks or tears, you will need to take action right away.

First, check for any cracks or tears in the propeller shaft itself. This can be done easily with the use of a magnifying glass or a small screwdriver.

Next, using a flat-blade screwdriver, dig out any debris from around the area where the propeller shaft goes. You may find oil, dirt, hair, and other small objects.

When cleaning the propeller shaft, make sure that you remove as much debris as possible. This should get rid of any accumulated debris that can cause further damage to the shaft bearings.

Once you have removed all the debris, you can use a small piece of PVC pipe (found at your local hardware store) to remove any remaining debris. Before you do this, take a look at the shaft to ensure that it is clean and free of any rust and corrosion.

Next, place the shaft into the small hole in the pipe. Ensure that you seal the end of the shaft with a rubber o-ring. You don't want water products to get into the shaft.

Your next step is to push the shaft down into the hole until it reaches the base of the shaft. If there is a groove is a slit, put a few shims under the shaft so that it can rest on top of the groove. That way, it will sit in the groove well.

Be sure to keep the O-ring in place so that it does not move. You should also make sure that you turn the shaft as little as possible so that you can keep the O-ring in place.

Take a look at the shaft and make sure that the groove has disappeared completely. Next, remove the screw that holds the O-ring onto the shaft. Turn the screw counterclockwise until the O-ring is no longer stuck to the shaft.

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