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Propeller Shaft Failure - Reasons for Propeller Shaft Break

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Should you ever find yourself with a broken propeller shaft, or one that doesn't seem to move properly, there are many possible causes. The prop itself could be damaged by your equipment, causing it to lose its proper form and function. The prop could be damaged in some way due to an extreme weather condition, such as intense heat, snow, or strong winds.

Propeller Shaft

If your main propeller assembly is bent or damaged beyond repair, the shaft may have bent around the main screw. The bending design of the shaft to keep the main section from falling out when you need to make a quick turn at a high rate of speed.

There are many types of shaft breakages. Most common are:

This shaft is found on most helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The rotating blades of the helicopter and the engine to keep it balanced, allowing it to fly. When the blade of the aircraft starts to fall out of place, this shaft will fail.

This shaft is located in the nose of the aircraft and is attached to the propeller blades. As the blades make rotation, they tend to twist the shaft, which causes it to start breaking away. This type of shaft failure is common when the blades are going through high speeds.

This is a piece of the shaft that holds the propeller in place. It can break if the propeller falls off while the helicopter is in flight. Some times the prop will fall off before the vehicle hits the ground, leaving a shattered piece of the prop in the air.

This shaft is located in the bottom of the propeller. It's made of metal and it keeps the propeller from falling off of the helicopter. It also protects the propeller from hitting the ground or objects that are flying overhead. The shaft is made to last longer than other parts of the helicopter.

Although it's not the propeller shaft that causes the biggest problems, it's still important to take care of it to avoid further damage to the propeller. These shafts tend to bend and break at the point where the main screw is fastened to the prop. This makes it more susceptible to breaking away.

Sometimes the propeller shaft might even get bent around the main screw that holds it in place. This is a common problem, and it can easily be fixed by contacting a pro.

The most common cause of a broken propeller shaft is fatigue. Every time you take off or land, the aircraft is subjected to impacts that can cause it to wear out more quickly than normal.

These two simple tips will help prevent propeller shaft breakages. Keep in mind that the propeller and the shaft are both making to protect the helicopter from flying into the ground. Keeping them in shape and out of trouble will extend the life of your vehicle.

Hopefully these tips will help keep your propeller shaft and propeller in the air. Hopefully, the tips will prevent a big problem with a broken propeller shaft.

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