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Propeller Shaft: Maintenance About Propeller Shafts

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Did you know that the most common problem in propeller shafts? This is a well-known fact that the majority of propeller shafts are seriously affected by mechanical problems. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is better to prevent and rectify the said problems before they affect the performance of your airplane.

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The only way to ensure that your propeller shaft is free from mechanical problems is through proper maintenance and inspection. The propeller of an airplane needs constant cleaning to ensure that the lubricants, grease and dirt are being properly replaced.

The most common problems with propellers occur during or after takeoff when a propeller's blade starts to rock. The motion of the propeller shaft gets exaggerated as the shock of changing directions causes the blade to move more than needed.

Although excessive shock may damage the propeller shaft but it can be repaired without hurting the propeller. If the propeller shaft starts to come apart, it is best to contact a local repair shop immediately because such problems may cause the propeller to fail.

Proper installation of parts should be done by an expert because metal parts often get mixed up during shipping. Airplane maintenance professional will first inspect the parts to determine whether the propeller shaft can handle the stresses.

If the propeller shaft is not in good condition, it should be replaced with another model. If there is no need to replace the part, there are many replacement parts available at home for propeller shafts.

Only when the problem is corrected should you decide to contact a professional. The services offered by a professional include engine tuning, propeller blade inspections, fly-by-wire system troubleshooting, propeller shaft cleaning and lubrication, aircraft maintenance management and much more.

Most maintenance services are priced according to parts available at the time of the service. Hence, it is advisable to request details about the maintenance quotes from the maintenance company before hiring their services.

Professional service providers are able to ensure the safety of your aircraft as well as your life. As soon as you hire the services of a pro, they will conduct regular inspections, while preventing and rectifying any problems in your propeller shaft.

If the propeller shaft is attached by two nuts, it is most likely that the metal clamps hold the nuts but these clamps do not secure the nuts. A professional firm will be able to guide you on how to fix the propeller shaft.

Instead of removing the nuts, the pro will make sure that they are installed properly to prevent any possible problem in the propeller shaft. After tightening all the nuts, the two will replace the propeller shaft with a new one.

Another advantage of a professional propeller shaft cleaning is that they will be able to find out if the metal parts of the propeller shaft are corroded due to accumulated dust and dirt. The propeller shaft is the most exposed part of an airplane.

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