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Diaphragm Coupling for Mining Machinery
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Diaphragm Coupling for Mining Machinery


Type: Diaphragm Coupling
Applicable Industries: Mining Machinery
Shape: Cross Shaft
Material: Forged steel​


Diaphragm coupling is consist of several diaphragm(stainless steel sheet)connected with the two half couplings by the intersect bolts. The coupling can  compensate two axes relative displacement by the flexible diaphragm. The feature is no need the lubrication ,  compact structure, Acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistance. The application situation is high temperature, high speed, and working condition of corrosive medium environment  transmission.

Diaphragm coupling depends on elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the relative displacement of the two leagued axes, which is a high-performance elastic metal flexible coupling components without the need of lubrication, besides, it is of compact structure, high intensity, long service life, no rotating clearance and not influenced by temperature or oil pollution, has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance as well as corrosion resistance. As a result, it is suitable for shaft transmission under working condition of high temperature, high speed and corrosive medium, and is widely used in all kinds of shaft transmission of mechanical device, such as mining machinery.


1. The strength of the elastic element is relatively high. Compared with other couplings that transmit equal torque, it is not only small in size, but also compact in structure.

2. The function is very stable, and the life is very long.

3. The production process is relatively complicated and the cost is relatively high

4. Common metal elastic components are diaphragm bellows and connecting rods.

Compared with gear coupling, diaphragm coupling has no relative sliding, no need of lubrication and sealing, no noise, basically no need of repairing and is convenient to produce, can replace gear coupling partly. Diaphragm coupling has been very popular in developed countries around the world, in practice the intermediate shaft type is commonly used to improve compensation offset performance of the two axes.

Diaphragm coupling compared with others:

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Production Process of  Diaphragm Coupling for Mining Machinery is as follows:

1. Raw material selection

2. Rough machining

3. Heat treatment

4. Precision work

5. Assemblage

6. Dynamic balancing testing

7. Painting

8. Inspect and package

9. Shipping

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