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GCL Drum Gear Coupling for Machinery
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GCL Drum Gear Coupling for Machinery


Length:follow customer's requirements
Surface Treatment:Painting
Min order:1 set
Material:follow customer’s requirements


The description of machinery drum gear drive shaft:

Drum type coupling at work, two relative angular displacement of the shaft of the internal and external gear tooth surface of periodic axial relative sliding, inevitable formation of tooth surface wear and power consumption, therefore, the coupling should be in good and sealing state work.Type coupling radial size is small, large carrying capacity, often used for shaft transmission of working condition of low speed and heavy loading, high precision and the dynamic balance of coupling can be used for high-speed transmission, such as gas turbine shaft transmission.

Gear coupling with brake wheel drum, gear coupling is made up of the same number of internal gear rings and flanged half coupling with external teeth.Divided into straight teeth and drum tooth outside two kinds of tooth shape, tooth is the so-called drum will made spherical outer teeth, spherical center on the gear axis, backlash is generally large gear, drum gear couplings allows a larger angular displacement (as opposed to straight tooth coupling), can improve the tooth contact conditions, can improve the transmission torque force, prolong service life.

The Quality Control of GCL Drum Gear drive shaft:

Q: How to do Dynamic balance test?

A: According to the customer's machinery drum gear cardan shaft r/min and accuracy level parameters of the dynamic balance test, if the test result shows the machinery drum gear drive shaft problems, we will add balance block at one or both ends of machinery drum gear universal coupling, and then continue dynamic balance test until the results of the machinery drum gear coupling shaft test meet the customer's required parameters.

Q: How to do manual measurement?

A: When machining, the workers will measure the dia. of accessories according to the drawing.

When finished, the inspectors measure the length of drum gear joint cardan shaft, the size of flange, the dia. of holes on the flange, etc.

The packing of machinery drum gear universal coupling:

Our packing is of high quality, as shown in the following points:

1. Wrap by Plastic film then waterproof paper, finally the wooden case.

2. Single carton packing was specially for small piece.

3.Can be packed according to your requirements.

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