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Universal Joint Shaft for Cars
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Universal Joint Shaft for Cars


Type: Universal Joint Shaft
Applicable Industries: Car
Shaft Shape: Hollow Axis
Material: Case-Hardened Steels


Universal Joint Shaft for Cars allows high torque transmission in limited space, this is the key elements of a module like a drive shaft or propeller shaft. It can transmit large torque at low friction and these U-joint remain lightweight, strong and vibration-free to power your vehicle smoothly.

Universal Joint Shaft for Cars

This Cardan drive shaft range is a natural evolution of existing product innovations with new features and benefits to offer significant advantages to customers in the Pump machine market.

We do custom Industrial Cardan Shafts. We can do custom materials industrial drive shaft, custom color industrial transmission shaft, custom torque size propeler shaft and so on.

Sitong cardan shaft is Wide range of applications and variety. including industrial cardan shaft, Medium heavy Cardan shaft, Universal Joint ShaftHigh Speed Cardan Shaft, Flange Cardan Shaft, Cardan drive shaft etc.

For more dimensions and drawings about Universal Joint Shaft for Cars, you can click "Service" and download.

The following are dimensions and drawings of Universal Joint Shaft for Cars with length compensation as a model.

drawings of Universal Joint Shaft for Cars

drawings of Universal Joint Shaft for Cars

Universal Joint Shaft for Cars are small cardan shafts.They can work at angles less than or equal to 45 degrees. Torque is small. They are suitable for connecting different axes, which are mainly transmission shafts that transmit motion. Keyway, hexagonal hole and square hole can be opened as required.

Q: How could I know if the product suit for my machine or not? 

A: Please tell me which product you are interested in, or advise us the main sizes of cardan shaft, such as diameter of across assembly, total length, and the swing diameter of flange, then we can provide you our drawings according your request, or please advise us the model you are using now.


Our min order is 1 set. Most of our products are customized. Each order from our factory, we always produce cardan shaft after customer confirmed the drawing. So we didn't have stock. And since we are based on final customer.

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