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Medium Duty Cardan Shaft for Petrochemical Industry
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Medium Duty Cardan Shaft for Petrochemical Industry


Length:follow customer's requirements
Surface Treatment:Painting
Min order:1 set
Material:follow customer’s requirements


For more dimensions and drawings about industrial cardan shaft, you can click "Service" and download.

The following are dimensions and drawings of SWC-BH cardan shaft with length compensation as a model.

Medium duty cardan shaft is widely used in metallurgical industry(cross universal coupling, drum gear coupling, cage-type universal coupling, guide and guard, steel head); power industry(heat-resistant steel); ships, locomotives, construction machinery(concrete pump truck, excavators, rollers, drive); packaging machinery.

We do manual measurement and dynamic balance test of drive shaft for petrochemical industry to ensure the quality of drive shaft for petrochemical industry.

How to do manual measurement of transmission shaft for petrochemical industry?

The inspectors measure the length of the propeller shaft for petrochemical industry, the size of the flange, the number of holes on the flange and its diameter according to the drawing.


How to do dynamic balance test of transmission shaft for petrochemical industry ?

According to the customer's medium duty cardan shaft  r/min and accuracy level parameters do the dynamic balance test, if any problems with the test, we will add the balance block at both end of the medium duty drive shaft , and then continue to dynamic balance test to know the results of the medium duty transmission shaft  test to meet the min and precision level parameters.

If you buy our medium cardan shaft for petrochemical, we will provide following services:

1. For domestic customers, when we receive customer complaints about medium transmission shaft for petrochemical, we will send technicians to the spot, analysis the cause, and help solve the problem. 

2. For customers abroad, we will ask them to send photos and vedios of the problem medium duty propeller shaft, our technicians will analysis the cause, and give the solve guidance to customers.

3. General speaking, there is no quality problem of our medium duty transmission shaft, we produce strictly according to the detailed drawing. The problem is always caused by wrong maintenance. Please note to add grease for the spline and cross cardan frequently. Usually once a month, for cars, once per 15 days.

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