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Cardan Shaft For Heavy Industry Machinery
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Cardan Shaft For Heavy Industry Machinery


We do custom cardan shafts, we can do custom cardan shafts as your requirements.
Color: custom
Length: custom
Material: custom
MOQ: 1 set
MOQ: 1 set


For more dimensions and drawings about industrial cardan shaft, you can click "Service" and download.

The following are dimensions and drawings of SWC-BH cardan shaft with length compensation as a model.


1. Custom cardan shafts: 

We can provide special design according to your requirements professionally. We provide cardan shaft drawing design, or you can provide your own drawings.

2. Experience: 

Our company has 30+ years of experience in transmission shaft production, and workers have more than five years of experience, and management experience is more than 10 years.

3. Service: 

Sales staff can provide 24-hour online service to ensure timely communication.

4. About cardan shaft:

A. Industrial drive shafts for multiple industries, such as rolling mills, metallurgical manufacturing, textile mills, power plants, etc.

B. Product quality is guaranteed, raw materials come from Chinese most famous provider.

C. Low maintenance cost, reliability, durability, strong transmission power, flexibility, high precision balance, long life, high efficiency, weight optimization, high torsion and bending resistance, etc.

Our heavy duty industrial drive shafts have many advantages. Welcome to purchase if you need them. 

You will get a big surprise from Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,Ltd

Our  cardan shafts for heavy industry machinery are quality guaranteed.  

The following is our quality management system certificate.

The following is our OQS-CERTIFICATE:

For more details about heavy weight universal joint coupling, you can contact our sales staffs. Their contact details are as follows. Or you can contact online.


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